A native of Chicago, Adam’s interest in medicine is rooted in his active lifestyle and love of sports, specifically hockey, which he played throughout high school and recreationally.

“My career includes working for the busy and well respected Orthopedic Institute of Wisconsin as an Orthopedic Physician Assistant in spinal surgery. I worked in orthopedic spinal surgery under Thomas Perlewitz MD, and alongside many fellowship-trained physicians in fields of orthopedics.”

“Working in spine broadened my knowledge on dynamics of the nervous system; that just because pain is localized in one area it does not mean that area is the etiology of the pain. My differential diagnosis has expanded and I now consider both bone and joint etiologies, as well as the role the nervous system plays in pain. This is at the core of sports and other medical symptom diagnoses.”

“For example, patients who have arthritic hips may also have arthritic back issues, and working in both fields has helped me to differentiate etiologies of pain, which is an asset to Dr. Johnson.”

“This skill set helps me restore patients to a more active pain-free life, and that’s why I practice medicine.”

Adam Stillo


  • Undergraduate degree:
  • Biomedical Science – Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
  • Master’s Degree:
  • Physician Assistant Studies – Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
  • Experience:
  • Previously worked for the Orthopedic Institute of Wisconsin as an Orthopedic Physician Assistant in Spinal Surgery.


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