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Nationally Recognized Knee and Hip Replacements

Bone & Joint Center is a unique practice offering non-surgical treatment of joint pain, sports injuries, and concussions, as well as nationally recognized surgical procedures for knee and hip replacement. Members of the Bone & Joint Center medical team are specially trained and experienced in an interdisciplinary, patient-centered approach to health and wellness, whether your symptoms are a result of injury or the natural aging process. If you’re tired of being sidelined from your favorite sport or just want to walk without pain, you deserve care from this center of excellence. Your initial consultation does not require a referral from your family or primary care physician. Simply call our office at 616.738.3884 for your appointment.

Sports Medicine and Concussion Treatment

Dr. Courtney Erickson-Adams

Dr. Erickson-Adams is the first fellowship trained primary care sports medicine physician in the Holland area. She completed her fellowship in Primary Care Sports Medicine.

Dr. Derick JohnsonMako® Assisted Knee and
Anterior Hip Replacement

Dr. Courtney
Erickson-AdamsSports Medicine and
Concussion Treatment

The staff of Dr. Erickson-Adams was friendly and listened well. They explained my medical condition well, and I was very happy. I could not improve on our visit.”

Mako® Assisted Knee and Anterior Hip Replacement

Dr. Derick Johnson

Dr. Johnson is specially trained in hip and knee replacement including the anterior approach to total hip replacement, as well as the Mako Robot Assisted Knee Replacement.

The surgery was excellent; I walked 200 ft. that evening from my room. I even went shopping the next day.


Watch as Dr. Johnson discusses the process for hip and knee replacements.


Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted

Knee Replacement, Anterior Hip Replacement & Sports Medicine

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