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I wanted to take a minute to tell you and your office GOOD JOB! Iʼm pleased to say that Iʼm happy we stayed with the Bone & Joint Center; I feel like Ashleyʼs injury has finally started to heal now that we have a good doctor on board, who has pinpointed the issue. Please feel free to pass my JOB WELL DONE along to the staff in your office.
Ashley M. (parent)
Dr Johnson performed a total hip replacement for me in 2013. I was up and doing all my normal activities within two weeks. This past summer he performed a partial knee replacement and it has been an excellent experience. His surgical skills and follow up council are of the highest quality. I have recommended Dr. Johnson to several friends. Thank you Dr. Johnson for being an excellent surgeon.
Howard R.
I saw Dr. Johnson in the newspaper ad and went to him for a second opinion. My first doctor just told me that I was too young to have hip problems. Well, even though I am only 49, I had a lot of pain, a lot of pain. So Dr. Johnson took some x-rays, and he said ‘I try not to tell people when they come in that they need to have their hip replaced; I want them to make the decision on their own. But you, you need hip replacement.ʼ I had the anterior surgery, and I was out of the hospital the next day and in physical therapy the first week. I took very few pain meds. Itʼs been wonderful. Honestly, it was the best thing I ever did in my whole life. I am so glad I met Dr. Johnson.
Lori L.

I was on a two-month wait list for hip replacement someplace else and saw Dr. Johnson on TV. I had been misdiagnosed by my doctor, who said I was in pain because of my stroke. My chiropractor actually diagnosed my hip. So I went in to talk Dr. Johnson, brought my x-rays, and he told me yes, you need to go to your surgeon and have this done. I told him, ‘I want you to do it.ʼ The surgery was excellent, I walked 200 ft. the next day! I even went shopping after my first day of therapy. Hardly any pain, just took Tylenol for pain. Iʼm 65 but very active, hunting, a lot of walking. I need to build my muscles back up because of my stroke but Iʼm walking fine. I tell every who will listen, go see Dr. Johnson!

Joseph S.

I’m a 54 yr old female that was born with hip dysphasia and had 10 surgeries on my left hip by the time I was 16 at the Shriners Hospital. I was 1 in shorter in my left leg and had a sallow hip socket. I knew one day I would need a total hip replacement and when the time came I was afraid. Because of my previous surgeries I knew it would be a difficult replacement and not any Dr would want to do it or could do it.

Of the five Drs I saw and consulted within state and out of state, Dr. Johnson was the only one that really listened and addressed my fears and my concern to be the same length and not wear a heel lift any longer. The regular way most people end up having to wear a heel lift and are not able to do a lot of things any longer, get in bathtub, etc. I was bone on bone by now and losing muscle. I knew then he was the one I wanted and needed to replace my hip. Dr Johnson’s surgery was nothing like 38 years ago.

I would advise anyone thinking of a hip replacement to only go the anterior way. I still cannot believe how easy and painless the whole thing was and I no longer wear a heel lift, both legs are the same length. I still can’t believe he was able to fix my hip, but he did and I Thank God everyday for Dr. Johnson, his staff and Holland Hospital. My life has been forever changed for the better. Dr. Johnson does have a gift.

Shelby K.
Dr. Johnson talking with patient