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Can Dropping Weight Save Your Knees?

Author: Courney Erickson-Adams, MD — ’Tis the season for holiday cheer—and lots of calories, too. Once the overindulgence is over, New Year’s resolutions to lose weight may be next. For those with knee pain and concerns about osteoarthritis, these dynamics can take a toll. This is especially true if being overweight is already an issue. […]

Subacromial Bursitis

Author: Courney Erickson-Adams, MD — Shoulder pain affects may people, especially as they get older. Repetitive overhead motion and the changes of aging can create wear and tear on the shoulder joint that may cause inflammation and pain.  When this happens, it can impact proper functioning of the joint and arm. Subacromial bursitis is one […]

Childhood Obesity & Future Joint Pains

Author: Courney Erickson-Adams, MD — Although chubby cheeks and round bellies may seem cute on children, there are hazards for kids who consistently carry too much weight. Pediatric obesity can lead to an array of health problems—both in childhood and in the future. Since October 19th is World Pediatric Bone & Joint Day (PB&J Day), […]

Keeping Joints Healthy As You Age

Author: Bone & Joint Center Staff  — As the years add up, so can the aches and pains that we feel in our joints. The wear and tear of various physical activities over the years and the normal changes of aging can both contribute to joint issues. The good news is that there are certain […]

Tips for Backpack Safety

Author: Courney Erickson-Adams, MD — Have you lifted your child’s backpack lately? Not the canvas shell that’s hanging on the hook at night—but the fully-loaded version that your child carries around all day that may be putting their health at risk. Although backpacks may seem to be a benign way to get homework and supplies […]

Signs of a Concussion and When It’s Safe to Return to Activity

Did you know that one in five high school athletes will suffer from a concussion during their sports season? Or that high school athletes who have previously been diagnosed with a concussion are three times more likely to have it happen again in the same season?

Identify and Prevent Running Injuries

Author: Courney Erickson-Adams, MD — Running offers many benefits to support physical, mental, and emotional health. That’s why athletes of all ages and levels enjoy running as an excellent way to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But there are safety concerns, too. Runners are vulnerable to common injuries, and may be exposed to safety […]

Baseball Season, Go Easy On Your Rotator Cuff

Author: Courney Erickson-Adams, MD — The snap of the glove and crack of the bat tell us that baseball season is upon us. While America’s favorite pastime gives us a lot to enjoy, it also provides more opportunity for shoulder injuries. The repetitive throwing motions involved in baseball place these athletes at increased risk for […]

Patellofemoral Knee Pain

Author: Courney Erickson-Adams, MD — It’s often referred to as “runner’s knee,” since it’s a condition that athletes who participate in certain sports may develop. However, patellofemoral knee pain can also affect individuals who’ve never laced up a pair of running shoes. Here, we’ll discuss the characteristics of patellofemoral knee pain, what causes it, how […]

Piriformis Syndrome

Author: Courney Erickson-Adams, MD — If you are an athlete or someone who sits for long periods, you may be at risk for developing piriformis syndrome. The good news is that with expert guidance, piriformis syndrome can be both treated and prevented to help you remain active with less pain. What is piriformis syndrome? Piriformis […]


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