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Keep Kids Active This Summer

Keep your kids active and injury-free during National Youth Sports Week from July 16 to July 22 and throughout the rest of summer. The benefits of youth sports and exercise outweigh the risk of injury. Physical activity in kids helps to reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes, improve social skills, and increase team-building skills. […]

Understanding Mako® Knee Replacement

Knee replacement is a common yet specialized procedure in which a diseased or damaged joint is replaced with an artificial joint known as an implant. The procedure is growing in popularity; in fact, more than 7 million Americans have had a knee or hip replacement surgery. The Mako® Robotic Arm Assisted System helps make the surgical procedure […]

Recognizing Signs of Arthritis

Many people who experience joint pain often pass it off as a normal sign of aging or as an issue that cannot be fixed. Learning how to recognize common signs of arthritis can help you determine when it’s time to discuss with your doctor. Though research can be help, the ultimate question: “Do I have […]

More Gain, Less Pain: 5 Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries

Athletes’ sports injuries typically result from overuse and muscle fatigue or muscle trauma. Overuse injuries tend to occur when the body is pushed past its physical limits or beyond an athlete’s level of conditioning. However, poor technique or training mistakes can be a contributing factor to overuse and can ultimately lead to trauma. As many […]

Debunking Joint Replacement Myths

If you are suffering from joint pain every day and are considering joint replacement, you may have begun exploring different surgical options. While it’s perfectly understandable that you would want to get word-of-mouth advice from friends and family, this often leads to misconceptions that may skew your perception of the process. Let’s take a look […]

Preventing Knee Pain As You Age

Over the course of your lifetime, your knees tend to take a pounding even if you don’t realize it. They are constantly in use, you use them to sit, stand, walk, run, and make limitless other movements with your legs. There are some things to take into consideration while managing your knee joint pain, first […]

Five Tips to Keep Your Joints Happy and Healthy

In order to protect joints and promote their long-term health, you should be mindful of caring for your joints not only while you exercise, but also simply in daily life. To accomplish this, you should aim to include activities that limit wear and tear on your joints and make a point to include joint-healthy choices. […]

How to Prevent Sports-Related Injuries

Over half of sports-related injuries happen during practices rather than games. By following some easy, yet important, tasks the risk of injury can decrease drastically among young athletes. 1. Educate yourself With millions of children in the United States participating in sports, it’s important to continuously educate students, parents, and coaches on injury prevention. Not […]

Do I Need Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgeries have helped millions of Americans walk easier, be more active, and return to their daily routines. When arthritis damages your knees to the point that your everyday activities are impacted and you’re unable to get relief, then it may be time to consider a knee replacement procedure. Here are some things you […]

Partial Knee Replacement vs. Complete Knee Replacement

If your knee arthritis is causing severe or frequent pain that limits your daily activity – or if you’re suffering from lack of normal mobility in your knee – you may benefit from knee replacement surgery. Yet there are different types of knee replacements. The two main kinds are partial knee replacement and complete knee […]


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